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Standing Out on Facebook Using Great Imagery + Videos

Aug 11 / by: Tyler Harris
Taking Great Pictures for Your Social Media Profiles

Utilizing Facebook to connect with your patients is very important. In a time when in-person communication has been limited, fostering communities online has become an essential part of maintaining relationships.  Posting photos and sharing content from your practice goes a long way towards letting your patients (and prospective patients) get a feel for what it will be like during their […]
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3 More Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

Aug 05 / by: Jennie Rogers
Blog posting recommendations for practices

Writing and maintaining a blog for your website may seem like a daunting task at first. Rest assured, your efforts won’t go unrewarded!  Frequently creating consistent content for your blog benefits your website and aids in growing an audience that is actively engaged with you online. A successful blog post should be rich in keywords, stay topical and relevant, have […]
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Summer Social Media Content Suggestions With COVID-19 in Mind

Jul 28 / by: Jonathan Giraldo
Summer Social Media Content Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a new normal in most communities. As a result, social media has become a crucial avenue for practices to keep in touch with current patients and market their services to potential new patients. For this reason, it’s important that you adjust your content to the current state of affairs in order to better communicate with […]
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3 Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts

Jul 21 / by: Michael Fitterer
Blog Post Creation Best Practices

Not all blog posts are created equal. Once you’ve decided on a topic there are a handful of key decisions to make that will ultimately contribute heavily to whether or not your post is a success.  The title and layout of a blog post are critical contributing components. As a best practice select a simple and enticing title and support […]
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Why it’s Time to Stop Avoiding SEO

Jul 15 / by: Phil Horton
Stop Ignoring SEO

When it comes to avoiding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, there are some common themes such as:  “Our business comes from referrals.” “People don’t actually use the internet for finding a doctor.” “We already show up high on Google.” We’ve heard a ton of reasons why people think they can avoid any type of active SEO efforts. No matter what […]
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Free Tools for Learning More About Your Competition’s Web Presence

Jul 07 / by: Michael Fitterer
Competitor Research Tools

Are you curious to know how your practice’s online presence compares to your competition? Do you wonder if competitors are showing up for many of the same search results as your practice?  Are you wondering if they’re engaged in any digital marketing efforts?  If you have any of these questions or other related ones, I have great news for you […]
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Creating Website Content for Your Market

Jun 30 / by: Michael Fitterer
Local Search Content Optimization

People searching for a new dentist, orthodontist, or dental specialist want to find someone nearby. The reality is that most people are dealing with an abundance of conflicting priorities at any given time. As a result, finding a great practice in their area saves on travel time and can even help reduce stress levels.   That’s why having a website that […]
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Facebook vs. Twitter – Which One is Best for Your Practice?

Jun 23 / by: Tyler Harris
Facebook vs. Twitter - Which is Best for Your Practice?

When it comes to your practice’s social media strategy, the goal shouldn’t always be about finding the latest or greatest network out there. It’s more about discovering which social media networks are the right fit for your office and learning where you can connect to the right community.  Knowing where to invest your efforts can be a downright difficult task. […]
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3 Free Tools for Generating Blog Post Content Ideas

Jun 16 / by: Michael Fitterer

Writer’s block happens. Even prolific writers struggle with generating new content ideas at times.  Luckily, in the Internet age there are a TON of resources you can utilize to help with content creation.  In this blog post I will outline 3 great tools you can utilize for coming up with new blog post ideas. Oh, and each one can be […]
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Social Media Content Ideas for Reopened Practices

Jun 09 / by: Phil Horton

These past months have been a challenge. There is no denying it. People and businesses across the country have struggled as COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives.  As everyone adjusts to a new way of life, practices are looking for new ways to remain successful community pillars. Now that offices are opening up across the country, it’s time […]
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